Experience Badges (EB)

Futureproof your work experience

Experience Badges (EB) are custom Soul-bound ERC-721 that represents your work experience stored on-chain.

The idea of Experience Badges (EBs) as a way to validate quality of work and work experience is something we strongly believe will change the way hirers vet talents.

Upon completion of work, TEC metadata is automatically updated, converting it into an EB. This acts as proof of work completion.

The EB feature provides several benefits for users. First, it provides a transparent and verifiable record of completed work. This can be especially useful for freelancers, contractors, or other individuals who need to demonstrate their work history or accomplishments to potential clients or employers.

Second, EBs can act as a reputation system, allowing users to build trust and credibility within the web3 ecosystem despite having pseudonymous identities. Users can view each other's completion badges, providing them with a better understanding of the quality of work performed and the reliability of a talent.

Finally, EBs add an element of gamification to the geegs ecosystem, as users can strive to earn more badges and improve their on-chain work history. This can be a motivating factor for users to continue to provide high-quality work and build their reputation within web3 space. Given that these completion badges are the updated TEC contracts, the non-transferrable and non-fungible nature makes it a reliable source for vetting.

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