Non-transferrable & Non-fungible

Token Standard: ERC-721 (modified)

TECs are a custom non-transferrable ERC-721 built specifically for the Geegs ecosystem.

Non-fungible: This allows every work agreement via a TEC to be non-falsifiable and provable on-chain. Every TEC will serve as the binding employment agreement that does not require a third party to validate the authencity of the document due to its non-fungible nature.

Non-transferrable (Soul-bound): Being Soul-bound allows TECs to maintain accountability between talent and hirer to carry out their part of the employment agreement. This ultimately lowers counterparty risk that naturally comes with collaboration among the pseudonymous actors in the web3 space.

Reliability / Quality Score (coming soon): One of the features part of our development pipeline is use-cases surrounding the on-chain data collected from the use of TECs. Imagine being able to understand accurate data on the quality and consistency of work a freelancer delivers or the payment consistency of a hirer.

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