Grace Period

Grace Period for Signing Release

The Grace Period for hirer to "Sign Release" is 14 days from the day the talent marks the TEC as complete.

  • Upon talent clicking on "Mark as Complete" the TEC will enter into a 14 day grace period.

  • Once the grace period is over and the hirer did not respond to the completed TEC, the talent has the option to "Raise Dispute".

  • Raising a dispute will delegate permission for arbitration to the Geegs team or one of our decentralisation arbitration partner (coming soon).

Grace period is only triggered when the talent clicks on "Mark as Complete". For hirer's that click on "Sign Release" upon work is completed, there is no grace period and funds are immediately released without requiring an on-chain signature from the hirer.

TEC's are dual signature tokens, thus it requires both parties to sign approval. In the case of a hirer not responding to a talent that has marked TEC as complete, the talents have the option to raise a dispute which will delegate fund release authorisation to the Geegs team or desired third party.

Grace Period for dispute resolution

The Grace Period for our delegated dispute resolution varies based on the type of dispute. On average do expect a minimum of 5 working days for a dispute to be resolved.

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