Deploy a TEC

For Hirer (Creating a TEC)

Step 1: Head to connect your metamask wallet (or any compatible wallet)

Step 2: Click on "Deploy TEC" to begin

Step 3: Fill in the freelancer / talent details (ENS / Wallet adress, Preferred name, Job title)

Step 4: Fill in details of the job & add the crypto compensation (Title, Scope of work, Attachment, duration)

Step 5: Review & click "Deploy TEC".

For Talent (Accepting TEC)

Step 1: Head to connect your Metamask wallet (or any compatible wallet)

Step 2: You should have received a notification for a pending TEC, you can also click on the "Pending TECs" tab to find the received TEC.

Step 3: Once you have found the correct TEC, click on "View TEC" to review and click on "Accept" to approve.

Best Practices

  • For hirer: Make sure you have filled in the correct freelancer details and all details of the job scope and attachment are accurate and correct.

  • For talent: Make sure the job scope is the agreed job scope and make sure the TEC is from the right person. You can confirm this by checking the sender wallet address / ENS as well as comparing the TEC ID number.

  • Only sign the transaction once you are sure that all details are accurate.

  • In the case of a wrongly created TEC both the hirer and talent have the option to cancel or decline TEC.

  • For hirers, cancelling a TEC will trigger a transaction fee to release the escrowed funds back to their crypto wallet.

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