Dual Signature Approval

Signing-off on TECs are done on-chain. Just like a digital handshake.

Each part of the lifecycle of a TEC requires authorisation from both parties. This provides a high level of security and guarantess that can exist without being bounded by a centralised platform. Ultimately TEC's allow the wokforce to be platform agnostic and engage in freelance work outside of marketplaces with all the benefits that a marketplace provides.

Decentralised data protection: By requiring a dual signature approval to access the TEC attachments, only both parties will have access to any private & confidential information that is attached to a TEC.

Self-custody: Ownership of a TEC is shared between both talent & hirer and Geegs do not have any right or access to the TEC allowing for work experience and employment data to be full owned the users.

Permissionless: The use of TECs are completely permissionless which means that anyone with a self-custody crypto wallet (Metamask, Trust wallet, Coinbase wallet, etc.) are able to create a TEC and accept a TEC to start working together.

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