Our Permissionless Solution

With Geegs, anyone can deploy a Tokenised Employment Contract (TEC).

TECs are non-fungible digital contracts that houses all employment details, escrows crypto payment and binds both parties on-chain. 👩‍🎨 Met a creative on dribble, 🧙‍♂️a mod on Twitter, 🧑‍💻 a dev on LinkedIn. Create a TEC and start working together regardless where you met. Both parties are always protected via a dual-signature escrow governed by the TEC.

The use of TECs opens up access to tools and benefits that previously was not possible without onboarding on a freelance marketplace and unlocks new advantages that comes with decentralisation. This includes access to a Dispute Resolution Mechanics, and an automated on-chain reputation builder (Experience Badges).

The decentralisation of infrastructure opens gives the freedom to not be bounded by centralised systems. Thus, with Geegs you no longer need trusted intermediaries like freelance marketplaces to build a successful freelance career. Your favourite social platform is now your freelance marketplace.

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